Eppay Crypto Payment Gateway — Laravel Integration to get Payments in USDT

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Lots of us has faced problems in getting credit payments through Stripe etc. Recently, our account was blocked by Stripe without telling logical reasons. Other reasons including problems in opening a bank account for your businesss, payouts, taxes etc. Being in the field of blockchain, why not to get payments in USDT. So, we decided to get create a crypto payment gateway.

In this essay, I am going to tell you about the Eppay — the easiest crypto payment gateway and how you can integrate it in your backend (Laravel) to get paid in USDT.

First of all, Eppay is working in collaboration with Saymatik Web3.0 Wallet. For single payments, go to https://eppay.saymatik.com/ , provide the information as given in the image below:

Amount: Amount of the coin want to receive

RPC: rpc address of the network, it can be any ethereum evm supported network

Token Address: Token address of the token want to receive.

Success URL: This is the success URL at your server where you will receive a post from the Saymatik Web3.0 Wallet if the payment is successful.

Product ID: You can provide a product id if you are selling more than one products. Your server receive this ID back after payment.

Once these information are provided, Click the Generate QR code. On the right side, you will see a QR code. That is the payment code and it will be scanned from the Saymatic Web3.0 Wallet as give below:

QR Reader from Saymatik Web3.0 Wallet.

Once you scan the code or your customer scan the code, they will see a confirmation screen on the wallet showing the To address, the Token symbol and the amount to pay. Once that payment is approved and successful, your server will receive the following json response in your Success URL:

status: “success”,

message: “Transaction sent successfully”,

from: walletAddress of the sender,

token: token address,

productId: product id included in the QR code,

amount: amount of tokens in wei,

txHash: The transaction hash,

rpc: the rpc address of the token paid

Once received at your server, you can create migration and model in Laravel using the following command:

php artisan make:model Payment -m

the -m will also create a migration table. Include the following lines in the migration table:







$table->decimal(‘amount’, 10, 5);





run the following command to migrate the table:

php artisan migrate

Saymatik Web3.0 Wallet has no commission fees till 30th November, 2023. After that, there will be as low as 0.25$ per transaction. To integrate crypto payments in your protal, contact us at info@scimatic.org or info@saymatik.com in case you have troubles.

Further info: https://eppay.saymatik.com/

Download Saymatik Web3.0 Wallet





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