Eppay — The Easiest Crypto Payment System

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Today i am going to show you the easiest crypto payment system for your digital business or e-commerce. For example you can sell your products in USDT, a stable coin, or any other cryptocurrency.

For crypto payment, you will need to install Saymatik Web3.0 Wallet in your Android or iOS device.

Apple Download link: https://apps.apple.com/tr/app/saymatik/id6444104653

Android Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scimatic.saymatik

So you are ready to get payment in your products using USDT, here is the simplest procedure.

Go to eppay.saymatik.com

Preview of Eppay — the easiest crypto payment system

Enter the amount, provide the RPC address, token address and your wallet address where you want to receive the payment. Also, provide the success url and product ID. The success url is your server address where you want to receive the success message after payment. You provide the product id, that can also be the invoice number.

After filling the form, click the Generate QR Code. Then, integrate that QR code in your website or provide with your product as a payment QR code.

To get the payment, the buyer or sender will just scan this code from their Saymatik Wallet approve the payment.

If the payment is successful, you get the following response at your server:

The response after the payment process gives you the following components:

status = “success” if the payment is successful

message = the message after successful payment

productId = the product id for which you have submitted the payment

amount = the amount you have submitted

Get these into your server as a post and process at your backend.

and that is it. If you want to integrate the eppay in your website, it is also very easy to create in the QR code for each product dynamically. Just create QR for any product and scan the QR code from your Camera (not Saymatik Wallet) and get the string. Put that string in your backend and dynamically edit with string for RPC address, product id or invoice number etc. and the amount.

For more information, we are always ready to help at info@scimatic.net and info@saymatik.com

For more info, check out scimatic.net, the main website of SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain project, saymatik.com for the Saymatik Wallet, and Eppay.saymatik.com to create QR code easily.




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