Is Saymatik Wallet Metamask Killer?

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4 min readJan 27, 2023

Since the beginning of blockchain technology, there are various wallets in the market to keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure. While most of the wallets are similar, only few are unique and trustable.

Till now in my opinion, metamask is the most used and trusted wallet. It is very simple to use and additionally, it has a mobile app and a web explorer extension. Covering different usage channels, metamask has been used widely as a wallet and in the dapps for transactions. The mobile version itself has an explorer, that make it more useful for web transactions.

MetaMask logo

Now, there is another wallet in the market, the Saymatik Crypto Wallet. Mobile version of the wallet has been released on the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Most of the time users want to get their private key or the mnemonics and keep themselves. However, most of the wallets are not providing that.

Saymatik is a unique wallet in may ways. It is a combination of DEX and CEX. First, create a wallet account when open the wallet. Store your 12 words mnemonics in a safe and secure place. You can also import your MetaMask account by entering the 12 words mnemonic keys.

Saymatik as DEX

After login with your password, you can select the network e.g. SciMatic, Ethereum, Binance etc., to retrieve the respective tokens (e.g. ERC20 for ethereum). When you receive ERC20 tokens, you can see the balance, but the balance actually stores in the same account over ethereum network. Once transferred to any other account, the real transfer also occur on the ethereum network that can be seen from the etherscan website, same for other networks. In DEX mode, Saymatik so not keep your any data in the centralized database. You can get your private key and transfer your account to metamask or any other wallet at any time.

Saymatik as CEX

This mode is suitable to save the transaction costs. SciMatic network is very cheap in sense of transaction fees. Buy SCI20 tokens (for example SCI20 token for MATIC), buy and sell or transfer to any other account on the SciMatic with low transaction expenses. Once want to withdraw funds to the real network (e.g. Ethereum), do the withdraw process and boom. Currently in CEX mode, the private key can be extracted but in the near future, the CEX will not provide private key to keep your account safe and to remove the risk of loosing your password or phone.

The website of is not quite professional but the team is actively working to enhance the look and responsiveness of the website. A team of professional coders are working hardly to release the new version of Saymatik Crypto Wallet.

Why Saymatik Crypt Wallet is Unique?

It is unique because its not just a wallet. It is continuously adding dapps the are created by SciMatic or other companies. As an example, DeCerta, the decentralized certification and documentation system, has been added to the Saymatik Wallet. A school or any other event can provide a participant certificate or diploma through decerta, and it can stay in your wallet forever. New incoming dapps to the wallet are luck wheel, lottery system etc. in the next releases.

I have downloaded my Saymatik wallet from now and waiting to the new release. Have you downloaded the wallet yet? If not, do it immediately.



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