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SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain
2 min readDec 2, 2021


Let me tell you about the new blockchain project; i.e. SciMatic blockchain. There are some great projects coming that would be based on SciMatic blockchain network.

RPC settings of SciMatic blockchain are as follows:

Name: SciChain

RPC Url:

Chain ID: 481

Symbol: SCI

Block Explorer:

If you are using MetaMask, you do not need to do manual settings. Just go to the browser of MetaMask, open and it will automatically setup the SciChain network for you.

If you are planning to launch your DAPPS on SciMatic, Don’t miss this change. SCI coins are cheap for now, you can say that this is the cheapest blockchain ever in sense of transaction charges. Transfer of SCI coins to somebody generally cost 0.001 SCI coins. Till 3rd December, 2021, 1 USD is equal to 1000 SCI coins. The second phase of cheap SCI coins will occur between 1 and 3 January, 2022 where 1 USD will be equal to 600 SCI coins.

In the third phase of SCI coin sale between 1 and 3 February, 2022, one can buy 300 SCI coins for 1 USD. Other than these days, 50 SCI coins can be bought for 1 USD.

We will continuously update our investors about the progress of the project on various social media platforms and on the Media parts of as well.

SciMatic blockchain has a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000 SCI coins. New coins are not minted.

SciMatic has the following products in the market and is planning to connect the use of these applications to the SCI coins:

SciMatic Literature Manager (

Journament — Journal finder from single keyword (

Thesis Manager (

Semester Manager (

Improofer — proofreading services (

Sympu — present it, online conference platform (

Teampo — for teams (

Samarize — text samarization tool, from any language to any language (

and lots of surprise DAPPS will be launched very soon.



SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain

SciMatic is developing web2, web3 and web5 (hybrid of centralized and decentralized) based web and mobile apps.